21 Days on a Greyhound Bus by Shaun Winter

“Once you start a trip like this, it never really ends.  You know there will always be another bus, another city.  We took something that most people hate, and we made that our vacation…”

Official Trailer:

In January 2002, Shaun Winter bought a 21 day pass for the Greyhound.  Over the ensuing 21 days he made a short film, and wrote a book.

Read An excerpt from the book.

The excerpt includes the table of contents and the first four days from Shaun’s Journal that he kept during filming.  In it we find that the bus was not nearly as enjoyable as he thought it was going to be.

How do I get the book and movie?

We’re doing a kickstarter, pay what you can-style campaign. 

Our goal:

Our goal is to sell out of all the books we have sitting in our closet that were left over from when we first published the book.  Right now it’s 134 copies of the book. We’d also like to get 500 bucks because that would just about cover the cost of converting Shaun Winter’s films from 16mm film to digital.

Pay what you can!

Pay at least $2, and within 4 to 7 business days you’ll have a copy of 21 Days on a Greyhound Bus waiting for you in your mailbox!

Pay at least $5, and you not only get a copy of 21 Days on a Greyhound Bus waiting for you, you will also get sent a link with a special password to view 21 Days on a Greyhound Bus on Vimeo.

Pay at least $8, and you get all of the above, and a link to view his other student film, Untitled Paintings, a short film featuring the music of The Album Leaf.

Or, you can pay any amount you’d like.  If you meet any of the above levels, we’ll make sure to include those items.

When we get 500 dollars, or sell out all the copies of the book that we have remaining, we’ll release the two movies for free, but if you buy the book, you get them ahead of time.

Thanks to everyone who have already bought the books!

6 responses to “21 Days on a Greyhound Bus by Shaun Winter

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  2. danielle blue

    is this book sold in book stores?

    • Not any more, we had it in a couple of stores that sold small press books in 2005. The cost to get an ISBN number was prohibitive and most stores require one to sell a book in their store. Same with distributors.

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  4. Tom Cruise

    My girlfriend thinks this film is going to be worse than “Last Action Hero”. I, however, disagree. I think it will be a triumph and, possibly, the best film to grace the screen since “Tornado Alley” narrated by Bill Paxton.

    Thank you. Good Night and Good Luck.

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