Tacklebox Toolbox

I have been doing a lot of work around the house lately, and grew frustrated with the traditional toolboxes. They were big, and were impossible to keep organized. When I do little projects around the house, I don’t want to spend more time finding the tool I need than actually doing the repair.

I had already been using a tacklebox to organize all my socket wrenches, so I figured, why not all my tools? I picked out a 2 inch deep one to better fit all the tools I might need. The only stumbling block was the hammer, and that was easy enough to fix with a dremel to cut away parts of the sides of one of the rows. I have it resting on the electric screwdriver, so the row isn’t wasted on only the hammer as well.


Your mileage may vary, but here’s what I have in the tacklebox toolbox. I have put everything in the same compartment on the same line.

Bottom Row:
Variety of screwdrivers, Level, Small crowbar

Second Row:
Hammer, Electric Screwdriver
electric screwdriver power cord

Third Row:
Wrenches and Pliers
Electric tape and Measuring tapes

Top Row:
Hex Wrenches, Small screwdrivers
Socket wrench set

Anything you would recommend that I include?


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