Couple of Bikes I Modded as Gifts

The “Batmobile” Bike

The “batmobile” bike I put together for a good friend who is a huge Batman fan. He has been riding around on the same huffy that he's had since middle school. I knew he didn't want a bike that would be true road bike, but that biking around the Twin Cities is a lot easier with thinner tires.

As you can see, it's a hybrid bike, with a single gear in the front and 5 in the back. I bought the frame and painted it black. First I filled all the places I didn't want paint or taped them over. I cleaned off the bike with a grease remover, and then put a coat of primer on it. I used black spray paint to paint it.

I took the bike back to Re-cycle in Minneapolis (still not confident enough to build a bike and give it right away) and the built it up. I think the yellow tires, yellow cable housing and yellow grips really add something to the bike. I almost didn't give it away, it was so nice.

The 80's Bike

This bike was a gift to my sister-in-law. I had rebuilt an old Spalding frame with shimano shifters. In getting it ready for my sister-in-law, we used duct tape to decorate it. It has a certain “pretty in pink” feel to it, with the pink and the checker board pattern. I bought blue grip and blue tires, and outfitted it with a front and rear light, because she likes biking with her kids on the trails and I don't want her caught out without light.


I think she'll really enjoy this bike, as it's her first “road bike” and I think she'll really enjoy how much easier it is than her old mountain bike was.


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