Wrath of Ashardalon minis


Howdie!  I’m new to painting miniatures and I am having so much fun with it I thought I might document my adventures with beginning painting.  Since I got Wrath of Ashardalon at Gencon 2011 I have wanted to paint the  crap out of them.   I finally gave in to the temptation to paint and bought some paints and brushes and just went to town.  The thing that surprised me the most was just how fun and relaxing painting miniatures can be, and I hope this blog will inspire those of us that want to add another dimension to our gaming adventures.

Below you will see the minis that started it all….every night as I would fall asleep I could hear these minis from within the box, crying out to be painted.


For my first minis, I went with the cave bears because they would only be one color scheme to deal with. I’d love to get some feedback on them, as I am new to the hobby and could use all the constructive criticism I can get!  Oh and the reason there is only two…my friends cat got a hold of one…I guess Felis domesticus can beat cave bears!  plus I have not finished any of the bases yet because I am still experimenting with colors to match the tile floors in the game.


Next minis that I decided to tackle were the snakes, because they would have a two color scheme that would help me advance from a single brown bear.


Next to go under my brush were the orc smashers.  I kinda just jumped in with these and here is the result.



From these I went on to the legion devils….I tried to go for a charred red look for these guys.


next was the Deurgar Captain

and the grell were begging to get some color….went kind of Portuguese man of war with them…


the next minis I think I will paint will be the deurgar guards.




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2 responses to “Wrath of Ashardalon minis

  1. Looks great so far pete. I think my favorite one is the Deurgar Captain.

  2. Thanks, I think he came out really well, I am actually painting the guards right now…

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