The Blogosphere’s response to “5th Edition”

The blogosphere be blowing up up in here with the news that 5th Edition is around the corner.  Well, not exactly right around the corner, but a lot closer today than a week ago, at least in my perspective.

Here’s some posts about 5th Edition.

Official and Sort of Official:

The Official Announcement that gives some information about the announcement, and what you can do to get involved.

New York Times, Forbes, The Escapist and CNN.  Mainstream media’s of what is at stake with this update to the D&D brand.

Enworld has a bunch of write-ups about 5E and the unity promised by the system.  Basic summary of the game.  And of course they have a 5E info page, that is very informative.  Now with quotes!

Gaming Tonic’s Experience and what he wants out of a 5th edition.

Other Responses

Critical Hits has a great selection of mainstream links and information about the new edition.

Grognardia isn’t expecting much, figuring the player base is too divided.

A Pack of Gnolls talks about how the announcement is tied to the OSR.

The Mule Abides is convinced this shows the success and strength of the OSR movement, in fact, he’s convinced the OSR has won.  He would like to see the modularity promised in 5E, and suggested there should be a basic set of rules, kind of like Monopoly.

Telecaster’s Receding Rules called it three years ago.

NewbieDM who was a big fan at first of 4E, but got burned out, is excited, and has some choice quotes from some of the articles posted at the end of the embargo.

RPG Blog II doesn’t see much personal relevance to his own gaming in the announcement.

Points of Light is apprehensive, particularly with Monte Cook designing.

Jeff’s Gameblog wants the older edition pdfs to be rereleased as part of the build up to 5th edition.   Grognardling says the same thing.

Vanir at Critical Hits is interested in this modularity you speak of.

Blog of Holding has a 5 part wish list, particularly less magic items and faster combats.

Iron Tavern has some reservations about 5e.  Hahaha… My joke, not theirs, don’t worry.

That’s all I’ve found so far.  If you know of any other good links, let me know!

Ultimately, I think there’s no perfect system, just perfect people to play with.  But I hope they continue to innovate and create as I’m sure I’ll be playing it at some point.


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4 responses to “The Blogosphere’s response to “5th Edition”

  1. Here’s my response– I’m open to a new edition, but there are some things I’d really like to see either kept or as optional rules:

  2. IronWolf

    You summed it up well! In the end it is more about the people you play with playing the game they want to play!

  3. I agree Ironwolf. I mean, there is no doubt there are good systems and bad systems, but so much of what makes a system good or bad is in the eye of the beholder.

    I think, for me, as for so many other people, we just want more people to discover the fun of tabletop gaming. Hopefully 5e will continue getting more people into this hobby.

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