Heroes of Neverwinter Guides, How-Tos and Resources


Heroes of Neverwinter is the new Facebook game from Atari and Wizards of the Coast, that uses a very modified version of the 4e rules to play some D&D.  While you don’t actually play with any one else, you can play with their characters in your party.  The game play is like final fantasy tactics.  It’s free to play, but includes a currency that you buy with money.  It doesn’t seem necessary to have that currency, as you can find it in game, but so far I’ve only earned a couple of them, and the game requires a lot to buy magic items.


I’m not going to spend a lot of time reviewing this game, as it’s kind of a moving target as it’s still in beta, but I am enjoying the game a lot.  It’s simple enough that it doesn’t take long to learn how to play, and each character class and race plays differently enough that it hasn’t gotten boring yet.

Basic Walk through

After you do the introductory adventure, you end up in the town.

The Town

At the very top, there is a bar where the game tries to get you to advertise for it.  The purple is your energy bar.  You need anywhere from 10 to 20 points of energy for every adventure.  I’ve found if you have a backup character, you can just run through an adventure with your backup character and by the time you log back in with your main character, he or she should be able to do any adventure.  The icons in the middle take you to your inventory, game menu, etc.

Your Home:

The gold covered house is your home.  Here you can receive your gifts from your friends and also can look at the trophies you’ve earned so far.  Most of them are for killing a certain number of enemies or completing a certain number of adventures.

Dungeon Workshop:

When you get to 10th level, you can create your own dungeons.  A great nod to D&D and Neverwinter Computer Game Past.

Merchant Arms Depot:

The merchant arms depot is where you will find martial arms and armor.  The prices are pretty high.  You’ll likely only be able to buy one item a level or so.

The Beached Leviathan

The beached leviathan is where you recruit allies and drink and eat food to give you more energy to go on more adventures.  They cost you 5 gold per level.

Tarmalune Trade House

Here’s where you buy items for your magic using members.  Same deal as the merchant arms depot, it’s expensive.

Adventure Board

Here’s where the meat of the game exists.  You click on the adventure board, and are taken to a world map.

World Map

Here’s the world map.  It looks like a there’s room for expansion as well.  You start off mainly in Neverwinter proper and the Neverwinter woods and expand from there.  You can play each adventure on normal difficulty, hard or heroic.  You get rated on how successful you are in completing the adventure.  I have yet to figure out how it rates you for each adventure.  If anyone knows how the rating happens, please let me know.

Some Quick Notes

  • Unlike 4e, you can include allies in bursts, and they be hit by your attack.
  • If you include higher level characters in your party, you won’t get as much XP, although it’s not clear how much less you’ll receive.
  • You should send your friends free gifts everyday.  :)
  • You can’t send them any item you find, just specific items.
  • You don’t actually adventure with your friends, just with their characters.


  • I wish there was a way to play with your friends.
  • I wish there was a way to delay a character’s turn.
  • I wish there was a way to send items to other characters.


D&D Heroes of Neverwinter Beta Impressions at OnRPG: Has some pictures and a basic overview of the game.

Wizards of the Coast Preview: A preview of the game on WotC’s website.

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