Best Random Tables for Gaming

Sometimes, I really like using random tables.  When I get that hankering to see how many limbs my hireling is missing, this is where I come.

Random Tables I’ve Found


Hirelings: Random features for hirelings.

Symptoms: 30 random symptoms.


Randomly generated Character: Some of this is specific to Basic Fantasy RPG, but most of it is just random charts for backgrounds.  Looks like some really interesting tables for backgrounds.

100 random items for level 1 adventurers: really fun list of random items for level 1 PCs.

Rumor Table from L1 Secret on Bone Hill: Wizards uploaded a scan of a table of random rumors from an old module.  Could be useful for a game, you might need to change some of the names.

100 Random Mundane Items: Fun list of random mundane items for a fantasy type game.  I love using tables like this to flesh out a room.  Then we as a group start to come up with reasons why the item would be in the room in the first place.

Random Starting Equipment: Roll for random starting equipment for your D&D game.

Random Rings: The guy who made this also has an interesting idea to sort of silo the purpose of each items, with rings being only for powers that make sense being always on without being overpowered.  For example, he created a ring that protects against falling objects by creating a force field.


One Hundred Random Post-Apocalyptic Junk Items:  Great list of random items in a post-apocalyptic setting.  Could definitely spark some adventures.

Gamma World Junkulator: Fun random junk generator for your Gamma World game.  With great pictures for each item.

Science Fiction

Stars without Number: While a complete RPG, the free version of the game also includes tons of random tables, including creature generation, adventure generation, NPC generation, plot generation and world generation.  Oh did I mention it is one of the best RPGs I’ve read, and it’s free?  What are you waiting for!

Other Peoples’ list of Random Tables.  

DnD with *********: Just to warn you, this might not always be SFW, but a great resource for random tables.

Age of Fable: An amazing collection of tables for fantasy gaming.

Jeff’s Gameblog’s Posts with Random Tables:  Some excellent random tables, focused on some lesser known game systems.

The Dungeon Dozen:  This guy just started a blog in December 2011 where he posts d12 random tables each day.  My favorite one so far is Contents of a Giants Lunchbox. I hope at some time in my DMing career I have to use this table.

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